March Changelog is here!

Insights on what we did in the month of March and what's coming

Published on Fri Mar 29 2024

Level2 empowers traders of all experience levels to build and deploy powerful, automated trading strategies – without writing a single line of code. Our intuitive visual approach makes algo trading accessible, transforming your trading ideas into reality.


Engagement - We have deployed new features to improve platform engagement so we can optimise the conversion of newly registered users. New features include a revised email onboarding cycle, e-learning videos, improved password reset process and defaulting values for some settings, to make the strategy creation process even easier.
Gamification - Based on user feedback, we are starting to add gamification to aspects of the strategy creation process and the backtest report, to make the platform as intuitive as possible.

Here are a few snippets of the features that we'll be rolling out:

New connectors for block connections

Level2 - New connectors for block connections

Customising backtest duration

Level2 - Customising backtest duration

Exporting your strategy as an image!

Level2 - Exporting your strategy as an image!

That's it for this session. We're making constant upgrades and updates to our systems to provide you the most seamless quant trading experience.

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